Monitoring of exchange points

The list has been updated 18.08.2018 00:20.
Exchange Give it away Receive Reserve
xmlgold1 USD0.97 USD2.00 USD
ExchangeX1 USD0.96600000 USD10709 USD
Change AM1 USD0.936 USD337.4992 USD
Star51 USD0.9355 USD0.9866 USD
Magnatus1 USD0.93100000 USD32850.97 USD
Imexchanger1 USD0.93 USD1538 USD
V-obmen1 USD0.923 USD343.16 USD
F1ex!1 USD0.90000 USD24954.95000 USD USD0.8 USD1017.86 USD
Changer4u1.0000 USD0.9700 USD50000.00 USD
Changex1.0000 USD0.9450 USD117506.87 USD
Maximaexchange1.04180 USD1.00000 USD41365.85 USD
MobilExchange1.049825 USD1 USD475.39 USD
MoneyCraft100 USD93 USD1122.6 USD
Solidchanger ENG100 USD92 USD0.18883 USD
Unichange1000 USD945 USD14255.82 USD
UkrCash1000 USD935 USD6862.99 USD
24pay1000 USD930 USD6862.99 USD
Quick Witted Exchange102.45 USD100 USD974.79 USD
ALFAcashier200 USD196.000000 USD4857.12 USD © 2016 - 2018