Monitoring of exchange points

The list has been updated 24.05.2019 12:43.
Exchange Give it away Receive Reserve
Zgk-change1 USD0.89457017789 EUR1.7 EUR
PayToChina1 USD0.8815 EUR4.01 EUR
PMCASH1 USD0.859 EUR59.975 EUR
Sbitcoin1 USD0.85513 EUR11424 EUR
Quickchange1 USD0.85 EUR3.85 EUR
Obmen-OM1 USD0.818531554391400 EUR0.46 EUR
aChange1 USD0.816413 EUR0.18 EUR
Magnatus1 USD0.79543400 EUR3752.24 EUR
V-obmen1 USD0.79 EUR892.44 EUR
F1ex!1 USD0.74690 EUR2475.09000 EUR
Paysso1 USD0.70809 EUR1318.82 EUR USD0.7 EUR150.00 EUR
Changex1.0000 USD0.7429 EUR10.45 EUR
obmenneg1.105648 USD1.000000 EUR1000.00 EUR
24Obmin1.1891 USD1 EUR1.12 EUR
Quick Witted Exchange100 USD88.32 EUR3.46 EUR
ArbitrCoin100 USD71.30 EUR11.03 EUR
Magnetic Exchange131.12 USD100 EUR8.89 EUR © 2016 - 2019