Monitoring of exchange points

The list has been updated 01.12.2023 06:55.
Exchange Give it away Receive Reserve
Obmenka 241 UAH1.005 UAH144568.35 UAH
Obmen AT1 UAH0.99309930 UAH269916.16 UAH
Obmennik1 UAH0.9756098 UAH72189.13 UAH
WM-Privat1 UAH0.9708544 UAH71106.63 UAH
V-Obmen NET1 UAH0.97 UAH156.84707 UAH
Simplypay1 UAH0.96 UAH530000.22 UAH
24-Exchange1.00776 UAH1 UAH1026.17 UAH
Obmen CC1.024 UAH1 UAH155.65 UAH
Exchange market ORG1.0244 UAH1 UAH644.71 UAH
1-Obmen1.0245 UAH1 UAH42161.89716 UAH
Westchange1.025 UAH1 UAH31746.5689 UAH
SpbWmCasher1.03 UAH1 UAH0.4067 UAH
Obmeno1.04 UAH1.0000 UAH2859.0000 UAH
E-Money1.05262 UAH1 UAH4428.7 UAH
Obmen WM721.2298 UAH1 UAH38075.4464 UAH
WMBox1.33 UAH1.00 UAH7253.1000 UAH
e-dengi1.40189 UAH1 UAH251601.11 UAH
SmartWM1.415 UAH1 UAH258117.64 UAH
Echange1.4619 UAH1 UAH21458.5949 UAH
obmenneg10.000000 UAH9.9 UAH2747.80 UAH
Change-WM100 UAH97 UAH71983.46539 UAH
Intexchange25000 UAH24125 UAH75717.27 UAH © 2016 - 2023