Monitoring of exchange points

The list has been updated 17.02.2020 19:30.
Exchange Give it away Receive Reserve
Largo-Obmen1 USD30.01 UAH329837.56 UAH
LiteObmen1 USD27.3 UAH89.81 UAH
Bit-Changer1 USD26.64821 UAH2242 UAH
simplEXchange1 USD26.35 UAH7021.64 UAH
Paysso1 USD26.0115 UAH19.72409 UAH
w-obmen1 USD26 UAH223.94 UAH
Money-Change1 USD25.7 UAH206.241472 UAH
Sbitcoin1 USD25.1 UAH20301.08135 UAH
Fehupay1 USD25.02728 UAH151125.2919 UAH
Receive-Money1 USD25.0261 UAH62972.33 UAH
Magazena1 USD25.000049 UAH5059.208998 UAH
pay4bit1 USD25 UAH309837.51803 UAH
E-Money1 USD24.68981 UAH87454.91 UAH
RoboExChange1 USD24.44750902 UAH56654.07 UAH
Internetmoney Exchange1 USD24.26 UAH6303.85756 UAH
X-Obmen1 USD24.108120 UAH108661.70 UAH
Quickchange1 USD24.0 UAH1581.05 UAH
Trust-Exchange1 USD24 UAH20221.2515 UAH
Obmenka 241 USD23.963 UAH575265.63 UAH
Staff-obmen.com1 USD23.7701 UAH72834.9809 UAH
24Obmin1 USD23.7102 UAH8708.27 UAH
Obmen CC1 USD23.30357146 UAH37323.68 UAH USD23.2 UAH2099874.57 UAH
E-Obmen1 USD22.660000 UAH48161.72 UAH
Obmen-OM1 USD22.546588199999999 UAH33403.51 UAH
V-obmen1 USD22.5 UAH39076.73 UAH
UXBTC1 USD22 UAH506578.89473 UAH
100BTC1 USD0 UAH7707326.7582 UAH
Maximaexchange1.00000 USD25.87000 UAH540047.92 UAH
Victoriaexchange1.00000 USD24.29000 UAH328021.94 UAH
Intenzaexchange1.00000 USD22.70000 UAH591065.74 UAH
obmenneg1.000000 USD26.086543 UAH2747.80 UAH
MoneyCraft100 USD2623.84 UAH66328.7492 UAH
BelkaPay100 USD2430.00000000 UAH63246.92 UAH
Solidchanger RUS100 USD2317.9433 UAH34189.7578 UAH
24pay1000 USD25026 UAH240906.31 UAH
UkrCash1000 USD25026 UAH142276.87 UAH
Еcurex107.5 USD2655 UAH12193.839524 UAH © 2016 - 2020