Monitoring of exchange points

The list has been updated 01.12.2023 06:50.
Exchange Give it away Receive Reserve
E-Obmen1 RUB0.013036 USD30122.09 USD
Fehupay1 RUB0.01055297 USD0.32 USD
Geeexchange100 RUB1.6255147598351 USD162.55 USD
MegaXChange100 RUB1.57066 USD189630.58 USD
365cash100 RUB1.2844259880993 USD2224.92 USD
Solidchanger RUS1000 RUB14.2037 USD7301.9347 USD
Magnetic Exchange10399.00 RUB100.00 USD18.29 USD
Magnetic-Exchange10412.00 RUB100.00 USD4.74 USD
BAZARMONEY1048.8 RUB13.08737 USD241250.82698 USD
PM-Obmen1048.8 RUB13.08737 USD241250.82698 USD
PayToChina55.14 RUB1 USD1036.1406 USD
w-obmen59 RUB1 USD20636.45 USD
Ultragold61.263000 RUB1.000000 USD6766.98 USD
X-Pay64.25775510 RUB1.00000000 USD6508.54 USD
Internetmoney Exchange64.4 RUB1 USD6190.18754 USD
Victoriaexchange64.54510 RUB1.00000 USD38189.32 USD
Trust-Exchange65 RUB1 USD0.0004 USD
Imexchanger65.5397 RUB1 USD313 USD
Maximaexchange66.09210 RUB1.00000 USD31208.12 USD
RAPID-obmen69.73 RUB1 USD0.34 USD
WMcentre70 RUB1 USD77.16 USD
Money-Change70.019 RUB1 USD3473.175227 USD
1WM72 RUB1 USD2951.3475 USD
All.cash74.66529824 RUB1 USD21598.81 USD
Z-obmen79.9889 RUB1 USD14.5058 USD
Goldobmen81.4996 RUB1 USD274.5042 USD
V-obmen82 RUB1 USD189.21 USD
Receive-Money82.0939 RUB1 USD4228.219389 USD
Ru-Change89.12 RUB0.85 USD4.62 USD
NewLine96.326 RUB1 USD54.4000 USD
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