Monitoring of exchange points

The list has been updated 17.02.2020 19:50.
Exchange Give it away Receive Reserve
pay4bit1 ZEC79.24661692922 USD3750 USD
NewLine1 ZEC57.7498 USD290.16 USD
Imexchanger1 ZEC57.159 USD5000 USD
Sbitcoin1 ZEC56.57130542986 USD3750 USD
24Bestex1 ZEC55.4239 USD5460 USD
Goldobmen1 ZEC52.90238 USD1242.3043 USD
All.cash1 ZEC50.5105 USD30797.46 USD
Xchange1 ZEC49.0383 USD70411.7644 USD
Receive-Money1 ZEC47.0839 USD6855.89 USD
UXBTC1 ZEC39 USD20257.04731 USD
PayToChina1 ZEC234.2952 USD15545 USD
SuperChange1.000000 ZEC54.817200 USD2159.51 USD
X-Pay1.00000000 ZEC96.26090808 USD1 USD
Magnetic Exchange100 ZEC6886.01 USD4277.25 USD
Magnetic-Exchange100 ZEC6878.83 USD4278.30 USD
365cash100 ZEC10871.201 USD7969.69 USD © 2016 - 2020