Monitoring of exchange points

The list has been updated 21.06.2024 13:10.
Exchange Give it away Receive Reserve
SmartWM1 USD71.51 RUB88.59 RUB
Obmenka 241 USD71.363 RUB5551.29 RUB
Obmennik1 USD68.75 RUB6190.98 RUB
WM-sha1 USD68.552 RUB10.80 RUB
SpbWmCasher1 USD65 RUB29778.4515 RUB
V-Obmen NET1 USD64.5 RUB2748.99216 RUB
24-Exchange1 USD64.0002 RUB172.97 RUB
Obmen AT1 USD64.00010000 RUB760.34 RUB
XaltChange1 USD63.4306 RUB11864.5709 RUB
SaveChange1 USD62.822790 RUB1204.43 RUB
e-dengi1 USD62.0 RUB2796.51 RUB
TopObmen1 USD61.000544 RUB246.36 RUB
WMBox1 USD59.27 RUB77808.3037 RUB
Obmen CC1 USD58.33440002 RUB0.48 RUB
Obmen WM721 USD58.0001 RUB151512.6049 RUB
aChange1 USD57.923077 RUB26099.94656 RUB
Westchange1 USD57.5 RUB7412.2556 RUB
Change-WM1 USD57.45262 RUB69509.66309 RUB
Exchange market ORG1 USD56.6147 RUB43097.51 RUB
MonsterChange1 USD56.6105 RUB352.72 RUB
E-Money1 USD54.00001 RUB1170.79 RUB
Wmt241 USD0 RUB2.96 RUB
obmenneg1.000000 USD72.599917 RUB80626.46 RUB
Exchanger WM1.000000 USD68.962230 RUB411.73 RUB
Ultragold1.000000 USD65.698999 RUB86898.92 RUB
Xbot10 USD592.399514 RUB1563.73 RUB © 2016 - 2024